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Do You Have the Right Stuff: Tales From Tim's Recycling Bin

September 10, 2018 05:22 PM
Don't put plastic bags in your recycling cart
It might seem odd that I would tell you this, but you might need to be putting less material in your recycling cart. 
It feels weird to say that because for years folks like me have been trying hard to recycle more. For instance, we found more businesses that wanted your old stuff such as yogurt cups and clean pizza boxes that they could use to make their new stuff. Turns out we were so focused on more and new stuff that we forgot to tell you to recycle the right stuff.
Why am I bringing this up? Because we're finding people are throwing more stuff into their recycling cart, and it's not always the right stuff.
Having the right stuff is important to more than just astronauts and the New Kids on the Block, it’s important to manufacturers too. The wrong things, such as a drinking glass, can screw up a load of bottle glass because the different types of glass melt at different temperatures. The drinking glass can become slag that sticks to the inside of the equipment at the bottle plant. It doesn’t get recycled and costs money to clean up.
It’s easy to recycle right. Stick to the list on the City’s website www.brooklynpark.org/recycling If it’s not on the list, throw it out. We also have the list printed in languages other than English. Email us at BPOM@brooklynpark.org and we’ll send you a copy. Until next time, keep recycling right my friends.


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