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Coming Attractions: Tales From Tim's Recycling Bin

February 6, 2017 09:02 AM
I was the last of five boys so I got lots of hand-me-down clothing when I was growing up. But I have just one son, so when he outgrows a pair of pants there’s nobody to pass them down to. We donate what we can, but that’s not always an option. 
Apparently donation is not always an option for many of you either because studies show that 85% of unwanted clothing doesn’t get donated; it gets thrown in the trash.
That’s why we’re partnering with Simple Recycling to collect old clothes at the curb on your recycling day. Look for a mailing that will have these orange donation bags or pick some up at City Hall.
So what can you put in the orange bag? First and foremost, put in unwanted clothing. Don’t worry if it has a rip or if it’s that disco suit that’s been hiding out in the back of your closet. While the primary places these items will end up are re-sale stores, things that can’t be re-used will go to fiber markets. The fiber market is businesses that will use the fabric for their new products; things such as shop rags or insulation.
Speaking of fiber, we’ll also take towels, blankets, even curtains. You can also put in small home goods such as a toaster or hair dryer. Find a complete list on the Simple Recycling website
Then put your orange bag next to your recycling container – not in it. Until next time check out the new clothing recycling my friends.


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