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ALERT: Snow Emergency declared; effective 9 a.m. Wednesday (Feb. 20)

The City of Brooklyn Park has declared a snow emergency, effective at 9 a.m. WEDNESDAY, Feb. 20.

Lawn and Landscaping

How can I keep my yard healthy and safe?

  • Keep the grass and weeds on your property less than eight inches tall and mowed up to the street.
  • Make sure noxious/harmful weeds are controlled or destroyed.
  • Don’t forget to mow the boulevard (the strip of grass on the other side of the sidewalk or your fence).
Tall grass

Not allowed


Not allowed

Short grass


Grass around a pond


What if I want to have a managed natural landscape?

  • It must not have noxious/harmful weeds or unintended vegetation.
  • It must have a planned, intentional, and maintained planting of native and non-native plants.
  • It may have plants and grasses 8 inches or more in height. This does not included turf-grass lawns left unattended.
Long grass

Not allowed

Natural landscape


Planting and trees

  • Plants, trees and shrubs are not allowed in boulevards if they block traffic visibility and walkways.
  • Tree overhangs must be trimmed up 8 feet. 
Tree blocking street visibility

Not allowed

Trees and plantings are clear of street visibility and sidewalks


What can I do with my yard waste?

  • Garden waste, lawn clippings, or branches with a diameter of 10inches or less may be taken to the free drop-off site in Maple Grove.
  • Garbage collectors can also collect your yard waste and leaves but may charge a fee. Contact your hauler for more information.
  • If you bag your yard waste, use either paper or certified compostable plastic bags.

Get more information about yard waste

Yard waste in plastic bags

Not allowed

Yard waste should be placed in paper bags or compostable bags


What can I use for composting?

  • Building materials used for compost bins must be rot resistant such as treated lumber, concrete block, or fencing wire.
  • Many home improvement stores sell compost bins.
  • Compost bins must not exceed five feet in width, twelve feet in length and five feet in height.
  • Meat, dairy products, diseased plant materials, plastic, metal, glass, and animal feces are not allowed.
  • Some approved materials include: eggs shells, veggies, fruits, and yard waste.

Get more information on composting

Compost pile

Not allowed

Compost mulch


Compost from fruit


Where can I store my firewood?

  • Firewood must be stacked on a paved surface or raised at least three and a half inches off the ground.
  • Firewood stacks must be five feet away from your neighbor’s property.
  • No more than two cords (4’x4’x8’) stacks of wood are allowed on a property.
  • Firewood cannot be stored in your front yard.
Firewood mess

Not allowed

Firewood stack


Reporting violations

For tall grass and noxious weeds

Phone and email

Pang Yang
Code Enforcement and Public Health
Email Pang Yang

Si usted necesita asistencia en español, llame

Yog koj tsis tau tau es yuav lub Hmoob hu


Diseased and dead tree information

Phone and email

Mark Anderson
City Forester
Email Mark Anderson

Yard and Garden Line

University of Minnesota Extension Services
Visit U of M Extension Services

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