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Community Fire Academy

Citizens Fire Academy group

What is the Brooklyn Park Community Fire Academy?

Get a behind-the-scenes look and understanding of how your fire department works. The Community Fire Academy is a way teach and show everyday folks how the Brooklyn Park Fire Department works on a daily basis.

Graduates will receive a certificate of completion.


  • A 8-week course
  • Meets every Tuesday from 6:30 to 9 p.m.
  • Spring session begins April 16 to June 4
  • Applications now being accepted

Topics covered

  • Forcible entry
  • Advanced airways
  • Hose lines, pumping, and water supply
  • Search and rescue
  • Technical rescue
  • Vehicle extrication
  • Ventilation and hazardous materials
  • And much more

Who can join the academy program?

  • Residents of Brooklyn Park
  • People who work in Brooklyn Park
  • Students going to school in Brooklyn Park
  • Must be 18 or older


Learn directly from the officers and staff who work in the Brooklyn Park Fire Department. Topics may be lead by:

  • Fire chief
  • Firefighters
  • Investigators

Class style

Our instructors use a variety of methods to help you learn, including:

  • Class room materials
  • Demonstrations
  • Hands-on exercises


Free. There is no cost to participate in this program.

Applying for the academy program

Applicant information

If you live in Brooklyn Park, you do not need to answer this question.

If you live in Brooklyn Park, you do not need to answer this question.

Emergency contact information

Tennessen notice

Information requested that is defined by the state as public may be released. You are not legally required to provide the information. Failure to provide it may result in a delay in processing or rejection of your application. Private information is available only to the person the information is about, and anyone authorized by or law to see it. Private data may be released only to you (MS13.04 subd2)

Private data includes:

  • Name:You must provide your name. This is used to identify you from other application.
  • Location of employment:Needed to determine eligibility. If you live in Brooklyn Park, employment information is not needed. If you do not live in Brooklyn Park, but work in the city, you are eligible for this program.
  • Address and telephone number: Used to contact you regarding your application status.
  • Date of birth: Used to check minimum age requirements for the program.


I hereby certify that all answers to the above questions are true and I agree and understand that any false statement contained in this application may cause rejection of this application.

Contact us

Phone and email

Danya Baken
Fire Prevention Specialist
Email Danya Baken

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