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Saturday, January 31, 2015

What's best to do when you're stopped by the police

05:30 PM - 08:30 PM

photo of Geoffrey Gichana, President of Mwanyagetinge

Community Activity Center
5600 85th Ave N
Brooklyn Park, MN , 55443

Introduction to police/community relations, civil rights and responding to police.

In the wake of recent events in Ferguson and New York City there has been a mountain of calls for a new way of building relationships with the police and the community. Some parents with teenagers are asking, "Can this happen to my children?"

During the coming months and years, we will be building alliances so we can maintain a continuous working relationship with police and build a dialogue on how we can work together to address racial disparities and concerns of the community, reduce crime, assure just policing, and provide the means for our children to succeed.  We can all become part of the solution that lights up change in our community.

Our public forum will give us an introduction to the contribution our leaders can make to good police/community relations, to the basic civil rights to which citizens, and immigrants who are not yet citizens are entitled, and to the proper way to respond if you are stopped by the police. 


  • Importance of African Leaders in Improving Police/Community Relations
    • Presented by Mr.Geoffrey Gichana, President of Mwanyagetinge
      • He is the current president of Mwanyagetinge, a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the well-being and quality of life of Kenyans in Minnesota.
      • He is the managing director of Inter-Continental Consulting Group (ICCG).
      • He holds both masters and bachelor’s degrees in Management Information Systems from Metropolitan State University in St. Paul, Minnesota.
  • Standard protocol for what someone should do when getting pulled over, and what NOT to do.
    • Presented by Mr. Eddie  Frizell
      • He is a FBI academy graduate (NA) class 232.
      • Senior Management Institute Police graduate. Masters from Augsburg College and 2nd year United States army war college student.
      • Mr. Eddie Frizell has over 22 years experience with law enforcement.
  • Your civil rights when pulled over by the police, whether these rights differ for people who are not citizens of permanent residents, and whether a person's immigration status can impact how they are treated when getting pulled over by police.
    • Presented by Nadia Polukhin-Pratt, Immigration Attorney
      • She earned a Bachelor of Arts with honors from McGill University in Montreal, Canada.
      • Attended law school at William Mitchell College of Law in St. Paul.
      • Nadia has actively practiced in the area of immigration law since 2007 and in area of social security disability since 2009.
  • History of the Brooklyn Park Human Rights Commission and the MN League of Human Rights and how these organizations contribute to reducing racial disparities and assuring our civil rights.
    • Presented by Mr. Hassanen Mohamed, President, League of Minnesota Human Rights Commission.
      • Mr. Mohammed is also Brooklyn Park Human Rights Commissioner.
  • Immigrant and police perceptions in the community. Good relations between police and community can eradicate feelings of distrust, anger, and fear.
    • Presented by Pastor  Charles Goah, Senior Pastor of United Christian Fellowship
      • He is also founding member and board member of Liberian Ministers Association in MN.
      • Sits on the Boards of Transform MN, The Evangelical Network, and also Minnesota Church Ministries.


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