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Every ten years, local governments use new census data to redraw their district lines to reflect how local populations have changed. This is a rebalancing exercise to ensure equal representation throughout the city. In Brooklyn Park, the Charter Commission is responsible for making recommendations to the City Council. The Council ultimately approves the new city council districts. Redistricting is done using U.S. Census data, which was released mid-August 2021. For the City of Brooklyn Park, the redistricting process must be completed by March 29, 2022 (MN Statutes Section 204B.135, subsection 1). 

City Charter section 2.04

Why does redistricting matter to me?

Redistricting determines which neighborhoods and communities are grouped together into a district for purposes of electing a council member. 

Redistricting is about community representation. It determines what voices are heard and whose policy interests are served. Group or community voices that are diluted or isolated may not be heard, and their interests may not be served.

What do our new council districts look like?

The Brooklyn Park Charter Commission applied the redistricting guidelines to a create a new district map, which they approved on February 24, 2022. The City Council adopted and approved the redistricting ordinance on March 28, 2022.

You can use the new new Council Districts map to look up your address and see how this redistricting plan impacts your district, election precinct, and polling place.

Look up your Council district >

What happens if a Council Member’s district changes?

According to state statute, if redistricting causes a ward boundary to move, and that boundary change causes a council member’s residence to be shifted into another ward, the council member is allowed to continue to serve for the remainder of their term. However, if the council member runs for re-election, they will need to become a resident of the ward they represent. (Minnesota Statute 205.84, subd. 2).

What guidelines did we use? 

City Council districts must be drawn to meet statutory requirements about their boundaries as well as population. The Charter Commission adopted guidelines on December 29, 2021, that it believes meet these requirements and best serve the interests of the city. The following guidelines will therefore be used in the reestablishment of city council districts. Guidelines are listed in order of priority.

Guideline Requirement or source
1. Council districts shall be as equal in population as practicable. Minnesota Statute. 205.84 subd.1
2. District boundaries shall be compact in size and be geographically contiguous. Minnesota Statute 204B.14, subd. 1205.84
3. No district shall be more than 5% above or below the district mean. Charter Commission adopted
4. District boundaries shall follow school district boundaries. Charter Commission adopted
5. District boundaries shall follow Census block boundaries or other physical features. Charter Commission adopted
6. District boundaries shall follow legislative boundaries. Charter Commission adopted
7. District boundaries shall consider communities of interest including, but not limited to neighborhoods, homeowners associations, and residents with similar social, geographic, political, cultural, ethnic, economic, or other interests. Secretary of State 2021 Redistricting Guidelines (retained by Charter Commission)

Learn about the redistricting process

The time to participate has passed, but we’re keeping this section for historical purposes.

Learn about the redistricting process

We’ve prepared a walkthrough of how we applied our guidelines and used Census data to redistrict Brooklyn Park.

Public feedback 

The Charter Commission accepted public comments on redistricting through March 7, 2022. We received 40 total comments. Comments that were relevant and supported by statute and guidelines were considered by the commission.

Read public comments >

Redistricting timeline

A schedule of key redistricting events and dates is listed below.


March 29

Deadline for City Council approves Brooklyn Park redistricting plan.

March 28

Regular Council meeting, second reading of the redistricting ordinance, reestablishment of the precincts.

March 21

EDA/Special Council meeting – Public hearing and first reading of the redistricting ordinance.

View agenda >

March 17

Redistricting report published in newspaper.

Read the related article >

March 10 – 28

Possible Special Charter Commission meeting(s) to finalize 2022 Brooklyn Park redistricting plan recommendation.

March 10

Redistricting report published in newspaper.

March 8

Deadline for municipalities to acquire maps of school districts located within the municipality (within 21 days of completion of legislative redistricting).

March 7

Present the official redistricting report at regular Council meeting.

March 2

Special Charter Commission meeting to:

  • Respond to Council feedback
  • Make changes to the redistricting map, if necessary
  • Approval of redistricting map

View meeting notice >

View meeting agenda >

View meeting e-packet >

February 28

Present redistricting update to the Council for feedback.

February 24

Special Charter Commission meeting.

View meeting agenda >

View meeting notice >

View redistricting report >

February 19

Special Charter Commission meeting.

View meeting agenda >

View meeting e-packet >

February 15

Deadline for new state district legislative boundaries.

February 9

Regular Charter Commission meeting.

  • Period for public comment on redistricting

View meeting agenda >

View meeting e-packet >

January 12

Regular Charter Commission meeting on communities of interest and communications.

View meeting agenda >

View meeting e-packet >


December 30

Redistricting web page is published on the city website.

December 29

Special Charter Commission Meeting adopts redistricting guidelines and approves redistricting web page.

View meeting agenda >

View meeting e-packet >

December 14

Charter Commission Redistricting Subcommittee meeting.

View meeting agenda >

November 10 

Charter Commission addresses communities of interest.

View meeting agenda >

View meeting e-packet >

October 28

Brooklyn Park Community Assembly event: Redistricting 

Community engagement kickoff with presentations from League of Women Voters, CAPI  USA, ACER, and the Brooklyn Park Charter Commission 

Watch Brooklyn Park Community Assembly  – Redistricting > 

Community Assembly presentation slides (PDF) >

October 13

Charter Commission continues redistricting discussion and is presented with preliminary scenarios.

View meeting agenda >

View meeting e-packet >

September 8 

Charter Commission begins discussion on redistricting and timeline. 

View meeting agenda >

View meeting e-packet >

August 12

2020 Census redistricting data released.