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Eidem Homestead - History

Feb 12, 2015 PDF Document Brooklyn Park Historic Housing Resources Study - Eidem Homestead - History, 0-All Informational Documents
The study was conducted for the Brooklyn Park Economic Development Authority to identify and determine the significance of the city's historic housing resources.
Mar 18, 2019 PDF Document Get Up & Go - Summer 2019 - Recreation and Parks, Adult 55-Plus/Seniors, Eidem Homestead, Eidem Homestead - History, Eidem Homestead - Volunteer, Eidem Homestead - Concerts and Special Events, Eidem Homestead - Tours and Private Groups, Parks, Eidem Homestead - Programs, 0-All Informational Documents, Weddings and Special Events, Adult Athletics, Eidem Homestead - Rentals
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