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Development Costs

All fees are subject to exceptions, stipulations and changes.

Estimated Costs

Some fees may not be listed depending on the development project. Please contact the corresponding departments to discuss fees for a particular project.

Building Department

Item Cost
Residential sewer connection $50 each
Commercial sewer connection $75 each
Water connection (less than 4 inches) $50 each
Water connection (4 inches or larger) $75 each
Sewer access charge (SAC) $2,485 per SAC unit (determined by Met Council)
Water access charge (WAC) $2,375 per WAC unit (1 WAC=1 SAC)
Sewer connection fee $150 each
Water meter $376 each
Fire hydrant/PIV $50 each
Catch basin/manhole $9 each
Building permit Determined by valuation of project
Plan review fee $65% of building permit fee
State surcharge .0005% x permit valuation up to $1,000,000 (minimum $0.50) or $1 if permit is a fixed fee

Phone and email

Building Inspections Department
Fax: 763-493-8171
Email the Building Inspections Department

Engineering Department

Street (32′), water, sanitary and storm sewer estimated at $250 to $275 per linear foot

Item Estimated assessment rate for public improvement construction
Trunk water main $5,000 per acre of subject site (gross area)
Trunk sanitary sewer $4,550 per acre of subject site (gross area)
Trunk storm sewer $5,400 per acre of subject site (gross area)

Phone and email

Contact the Engineering Department

Planning Division

Item Cost
Residential park dedication $4,600 per unit (single family and townhomes)
Multi-family residential 10% of average land value
Commercial park dedication $8,000 per acre of subject site (gross area)
Letter of credit (surety) 95% of on- and off-site improvement costs
Cash bond (surety) 5% of on- and off-site improvement costs
Engineering escrow $1,000 minimum or 6.5% of on- and off-site improvement costs
Planning application Fee Escrow
Comprehensive plan amendment $400 $2,000
Concept plan review $350 $500
Conditional use permit $400 $2,000
Development plan $400 $2,000
Re-locating structure $50 $600
Preliminary/final plat $500 $2,000
Rezoning $500 $2,000
Site plan review $450 $2,000
Variance to zoning/sign code $200 None
Waiver of platting (general) $350 $500
Waiver of platting (duplex split) $100 $350
Zoning text amendment $500 $2,000

Phone and email

Natalie Davis
Email Natalie Davis