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COVID-19 Community Impact Survey Part 2 Results

Thanks to the 1,862 residents who completed the community impact survey. We will be using the results in the following ways:

1) Share with the City Council to inform their decision-making

2) Share with community organizations and other agencies to inform their response help attract resources to Brooklyn Park

3) The City’s Emergency Operations Center is using the data to inform the city’s response to the pandemic. Expect to see increased communications from the city about information and resource gaps we learned about in the survey.


In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the city surveyed residents to get rapid feedback on how the community was faring.  Similar to the report from the first survey, which was released in early April 2020, the results will be shared with the Emergency Operations Center, City Council, partners and community-at-large.

Survey methods

The survey opened May 13 and closed the morning of May 26.

  • Internet – The majority of respondents took the survey via the web, having received the link from an email, social media, or a flyer at their apartment community.
  • Phone – Staff also called residents whose numbers we had (i.e. from Recreation and Parks programming or because they saw a flyer with that option).

Special thanks to the Brooklyn Bridge Alliance for Youth for their assistance with data collection and analysis.

Who took the survey?

1,861 people took the survey. There was a -14% decrease in responses from the first survey in March 2020.

35% were households with school-aged children

8% were renters and 86% were homeowners

What did the community say?

The survey questions and results are listed below, and broken down by race/ethnicity, and rental/homeowner status.

  1. What are the 3 areas you are MOST concerned about during the next few months of the COVID-19 pandemic? (Check up to 3.)
    These were the top three concerns in order of priority:
    You or your loved ones getting sick with the coronavirus (64%)
    Economy/stock market/investments (40%)
    Job loss, furlough, or reduced hours (26%)
  2. How hopeful are you about the following statements?(Select one response for each statement from the following choices: Not hopeful at all, A little hopeful, Somewhat hopeful, Very hopeful.)
The basic needs for my household will be met:
71% very hopeful
23% somewhat hopeful
4% a little hopeful
2% not hopeful at all
The emergency respons and public services of the city of Brooklyn Park will keep me, my household and my community safe:
50% very hopeful
36% somewhat hopeful
10% a little hopeful
4% not hopeful at all
The public health respons by the State of Minnesota will keep me, my household, and my community safe from COVID-19:
29% Very hopeful
45% somewhat hopeful
18% a little hopeful
8% not hopeful at all
The economy will recover, including the ability for me (or someone in my household) to earn a living to provide financially for my household:
28%: Very hopeful
43% Somewhat hopeful
33% A little hopeful
7% not hopeful at all

Although most respondents were Somewhat hopeful or Very hopeful about all four statements, there is somewhat less hopefulness about keeping the community safe from COVID-19 and the recovery of the economy.

3. While we know many people are struggling right now, what brings you hope for our community? This question was asked open-ended on the survey. Respondents could write whatever they felt was appropriate. The results were read, themed, and quantified.

(N=1140) Count %
Neighbors are kind, and willing to help and support each other. 247 22%
People are following public health guidelines (social distancing, wearing masks, opening up slowly) 155 14%
God, prayers, their faith 108 9%
Minnesota state government and Governor Walz 102 9%
City of Brooklyn Park and local government 102 9%
Unity and pride among Brooklyn Park community 99 9%
Nothing 56 5%
Economy and local small businesses opening back up 44 4%
People outside enjoying nice weather 41 4%

4. What would make you feel comfortable coming to city events later this summer or fall (dependent on CDC and MDH recommendations)? (Check all that apply.)

(N=1852) Count %
Handwashing / hand sanitizer stations 866 60%
Social distancing requirements of 6 feet between people 982 53%
Participants and staff wearing face masks 1120 50%
Limiting the number of people attending 923 47%
Nothing, I would not attend 472 25%
Other 238 13%

5. If the Recreation and Parks Department were to offer or online programming for seniors (55+ years old) for a fee, which programs would you like to participate in? (Check all that apply.)

(N=933) Count %
I would not pay for or participate in virtual or online programs 366 39%
I would not pay for virtual or online programs, but I would participate in them at no cost 333 36%
Fitness classes 219 23%
Informational speakers 139 15%
Book club 87 9%
Art/painting classes 74 8%
Tours 73 8%
Other 79 8%

6. Questions about receiving a weekly wellness call, follow-up call, or informational emails from the city

If you or a household member are over 55, do you want a weekly wellness call? 17
Do you want city staff to follow up with you and direct you to resources? 24
If you don’t already get texts or emails from the City of Brooklyn Park, do you want us to sign you up? 48 (texts) 65 (emails)

The Recreation and Parks Department will provide the weekly wellness calls to seniors, and the Community Engagement Department followed up with those respondents who requested it and signed up those who wanted to be on the city’s email or text list.

Questions for parents

Respondents who identified as being from a household with school-aged children were asked extra questions.

What are the age groups of your children?

(N=620) Count %
0 – 4 years old 145 39%
5 – 9 years old 296 36%
10 – 13 years old 286 23%
14 – 18 years old 306 49%

This data can be used to help us further identify which age range to target youth programming and supports to parents to for the parks and recreation department, for example.

Would you feel comfortable sending your school-aged children to summer activities or programs if the appropriate precautions were taken (social distancing, limited numbers of participants, masks, dependent on CDC and MDH recommendations, etc.)?

(N=611) Count %
Yes 321 53%
No 229 37%
Other 61 10%

Would your family be interested in recreation activities (art, sports, fitness, etc.) to do together (while social distancing with others) in a parking lot or park?

(N=419) Count %
Yes 271 65%
No 148 35%

And if so, would you be willing to register and pay $5 per family per opportunity?

(N=620) Count %
Yes 244 91%
No 25 9%

Which worries do you have for your children and/or teens now or in the next couple of weeks? (Check all that apply.)

(N=602) %
Social interaction 50%
Exercising/staying active and healthy 36%
Finding summer programs, activities, and enrichment opportunities for them 29%
Mental or emotional support 21%
Needing help with their schoolwork 17%
Getting them ready for college 13%
Finding a job for them 11%
Getting medical care if they get sick or someone in the family gets sick 8%
Their relationship with their family (or anyone else in your house) 8%
Getting enough food for them 4%
Cyber-bullying 4%
Getting medications (i.e. prescription, over-the-counter) for them 2%
Getting access to a computer, laptop, or tablet 2%
Getting access to the Internet 1%
Housing 7%
Other 2%

The top concerns parents had for their children and teens were social interaction, exercising/staying active and healthy, and finding summer programs or activities.

What do you need during this time to help your children and/or teens feel safe and to support them? This question was asked open-ended on the survey. Respondents could write in whatever they liked. The results were read, themed, and quantified.

(N=141) %
Safe activities for their children/teens to participate in (in-person and online) 20%
Safe ways and places for their children/teens to get social interaction 13%
Nothing / Doing okay 13%
Youth sports programs and summer camps 8%
Everyone should follow public health guidelines (social distancing, wearing facemasks in public, etc.) 7%
Educational material / books / activities / support 7%
Restrictions need to be lifted to get back to normal 7%
Mental health supports 4%
Playgrounds should be reopened 4%

Other responses: Assistance meeting basic needs (2%), information for teens about COVID-19 (2%), childcare (2%), I don’t know (2%), financial assistance (2%), government/media stop scaring children (2%), job (1%), reassurance (1%), college readiness (1%)

Key takeaways

  • Residents are most concerned about getting sick with the coronavirus, and the economy. They are also concerned with the loss of jobs, furloughs, or reduced hours, and school closures. In the first survey, residents were most concerned about having access to supplies (cleaning products, toiletries, and PPE), food, and medicines when they need it.
  • Residents are very hopeful that their basic needs will be met and the city’s emergency response and public services will keep them safe. The overwhelming majority of residents were somewhat hopeful and very hopeful about these two statements (94% and 86%, respectively).
  • Residents are somewhat hopeful that the public health response from the state will keep them safe from COVID-19, and the economy will recover. Residents were overall slightly less hopeful in these next two statements, although the majority were still somewhat hopeful or very hopeful (74% and 71%, respectively). This matches the first questions about their top concerns: getting sick with the coronavirus and the economy.
  • Residents feel that their community brings them hope during this time. Many respondents mentioned that seeing their neighbors help and support each other was encouraging. Also, seeing others take steps to social distance and wear facemasks in public showed them that people in the community cared about keeping everyone safe. Finally, many residents mentioned seeing people in their community come together in unity brought them hope.
  • Many residents have an interest in participating in summer Recreation and Parks programming. Only 25% indicated that they would not attend. Residents who are 55+ years old expressed interest in online programming. Over half (53%) of parents are interested in sending their children to summer programming and 65% indicated an interest in group recreation activities.
  • Parents are interested in safe activities for their children/teens to participate in in addition to safe ways and places for their children/teens to get social interaction.

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