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John Kinara

Housing and Redevelopment Coordinator

John T. Kinara is the Housing and Redevelopment Coordinator for the City of Brooklyn Park. Mr. Kinara has been with the City for the last five years actively working on designing, implementing and evaluating housing redevelopment programs and projects. Mr. Kinara’s work is mostly rooted in partnership, collaboration, listening and patience.

If you are a homeowner or a rental residential property owner in Brooklyn Park looking for grants, deferred loans and low interest loans or other affordable and flexible financing options to reinvest or improve your property, please contact John Kinara as soon as possible.

He graduated from Hamline University with a master’s degree in public administration and an MBA in business finance from St., Mary’s University of Minnesota. He is a certified multifamily housing management professional.

During his free time, Mr. Kinara enjoys spending time with his family and working with immigrant small business owners to promote their business enterprises in the twin cities region.