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Celebrate Brooklyn Park Cookbook

About the Cookbook

Celebrate Brooklyn Park’s rich potato history with our digital community cookbook, Cooking with Spud: Celebrate Brooklyn Park Community Cookbook!

Brooklyn Park farmers worked together to plant and harvest their potato fields; helping one another in times of hardship and celebration.  Today, Brooklyn Park residents do the same though in different ways. Then as in now, food plays a key role in human interactions. Food is a universal language; it brings people together, can bridge language and cultural differences, and is often a focal point during celebrations. The aim of this cookbook is to celebrate our city’s heritage as well as our diversity and the things that bring us together using food, specifically the potato.

For questions around the cookbook, please contact Eve Ericson or Jake Patton.

Recipe Submission

Be a part of creating this digital cookbook by submitting a recipe to be included in the cookbook, Cooking with Spud: Celebrate Brooklyn Park Community Cookbook – Celebrating our rich potato history. 

Individuals who live and/or work in Brooklyn Park are invited to submit a recipe(s) for a digital Celebrate Brooklyn Park Community Cookbook.  Recipes can be for any type of dish or item, but potatoes (of any variety) must be included in the recipe.  Individuals may be of any age but must be either a resident or work in Brooklyn Park. Include with your recipe why it has special meaning or significance for you and/or your family. 

Submissions may also be mailed in. Mail submissions to: Community Cookbook, Community Activity Center, 5600 85th Ave N, Brooklyn Park, MN 55443. Request a paper copy of the recipe submission form by phone at 763-493-8333.

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Community Cookbook

Celebrate Brooklyn Park’s rich potato history by helping to create a community cookbook! When submitting recipes, please write out ingredients and measurements completely using the imperial system (cups, teaspoon, pound, ounces, etc.).
  • In years or months
  • Please provide a name for your dish
  • Where did your recipe originate
  • Please list how many people this recipe serves
  • Please select one category
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  • Add a new row for each ingredient.
  • Please include any recipe notes.
  • Please provide a brief message.
  • Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: jpg, png, gif.
    Include photos if applicable using jpg, png or gif formats.
    My recipe may be used as a featured item at The Brooklyn restaurant (or another local restaurant)