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Top Row, From left to right: Nhat Dang, Cyndi Westermann, Asia Benford, Robin Turner, Alejandro Aviña, Joe Klohs Bottom Row, From left to right: Chanté Mitchell, Miyah Taylor, Josie Thao, Councilmember Jacobson, Eileen Ulicsni, Kathleen Malecki, Laura Stigen

City Hall Remodel and Task Force Update

Project Update

The city of Brooklyn Park is in the process of completing a full-on City Hall remodel that will significantly improve our City Hall and the experience for staff and residents. Yet, the city has not been immune to the COVID-19 pandemic and the many impacts that it has had on the world. Our City Hall remodel is still moving forward and is on schedule. But as you can imagine, the city has not escaped the negative financial impacts of COVID-19.  We are very sorry to share that one of the staff recommendations to the City Council for cost savings is to postpone some of the discretionary work of the city, to include the City Hall Enhancement Task Force work. This was done during the Special City Council on May 4th

Additional Background Information

Since 2016, the city has been working with Wold Architects and Engineers through Master Planning and Construction to remodel and upgrade City Hall.  Built in 1991 and partially remodeled in 2012, this more extensive renovation addresses several deficiencies. With the remodel, two new areas have been created — a more user-friendly Department of Motor Vehicle area and a conference room suite that is open to the public. Much has already been decided such as furniture and finishes in work spaces, cubicles, and public spaces, as well as paint colors in those areas.

During the remodel, it was also decided that the city would have a community driven Task Force to help shape decision making of certain internal décor and art of the project. The City Hall Enhancement Task Force was approved by the City Council on October 7, 2019. This Task Force was created to serve as a liaison between the community, city council and city staff. This Task Force provides an opportunity for residents to be a part of the process to help the city decide what décor and art to put in our public facing spaces.

The areas that this Task Force will be helping with is the city lobby, including a signature piece. Along with these other spaces:

  • Council Chambers, including backdrop behind the dais 
  • Public meeting spaces (i.e. naming, display cases, and hanging systems)
  • Branded elements (i.e. Signage)
  • Art enhancements (purchased art or art contest)

The Task Force is composed of 14 residents, including a Human Rights Commission and Community Long Range Planning Commission Representative, a city employee, and two council members.

Questions? Contact: Chanté Mitchell



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