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Sewer Availability and Water Access Charge Assistance Program

When going through plan review, businesses are asked to get a Sewer Availability Charge (SAC) determination from the Metrpolitan Council. This determination helps the region plan for use of the regional sewer system as use of the system increases. This may mean having to pay an upfront fee or SAC to use the sewer system. The City of Brooklyn Park also charges a Water Access Charge (WAC) fee to connect to the City’s water system.

In order to minimize the impact of paying for Sewer Access Charge (SAC) or Water Access Charges (WAC) fees the City has programs to help small businesses.

SAC and WAC Deferral Program

The SAC portion of the deferral program was created in collaboration with the Met Council. Eligible businesses have the opportunity to pay back its SAC and/or WAC determinations over a period of 5-years at 3% interest.


  • Must be located in Brooklyn Park
  • Must have been charged ten or less SAC units
  • Must pay 20% of TOTAL SAC and WAC amount up-front with first month’s payment

SAC and WAC Reduction Program

Some businesses may also be eligible of an overall reduction of its SAC and/or WAC fees through the City’s SAC and WAC reduction program.

This program allows eligible businesses to reduce their total SAC owed by up to 3 units and its WAC by up to 2 units. Businesses owned by Brooklyn Park residents may reduce their total SAC owed by up to 6 units and its WAC by up to 3 units.


  • Located in Brooklyn Park
  • Be owned by a resident of the seven-county metro area and meet at least one of the following:
    • An independently owned restaurant or commercial business
      • Franchises of national chains are NOT eligible
    • Manufacturing and industrial based business
    • Have 25 or less full-time equivalent employees
    • Are at least 25% women owned
    • Are at least 25% Black, Indigenous or People of Color (BIPOC) owned
    • Are at least 25% immigrant owned


Malcolm Hicks

Apply for the SAC WAC payment deferral program