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Opt In for Kids!

About the programBrooklyn Park's Rec on the Go kids and van

Opt in for Kids! Provides support from Brooklyn Park residents to give kids in our community access to more afterschool activities and summer programs.

Contribute $1, $2, $5 or $10 each quarter on your utility bill through the Opt In for Kids – Youth Scholarship Fund! 

Youth Scholarship Fund
Brooklyn Park recreation programs are open to everyone. We do not deny a child’s participation in a city recreation program solely because of a financial barrier.

This fund ensures more youth can participate in community programs, allows equal access to all families, and assists all who may not afford the full registration cost.

Scholarships provide a financial benefit for youth and families by reducing recreation program fees.

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Opt In for Youth!

By checking I agree, you agree to add your chosen dollar amount to your quarterly utility bill going forward

Benefits of afterschool and summer programs for kidsinfographic about afterschool programs

These programs turn out-of-school hours into productive and engaging learning time. Here are three ways these programs benefit kids:

  • They inspire learning through new experiences
  • They offer safety and supervision during afterschool and summer hours
  • They can contribute to closing the racial and income gaps through learning opportunities outside of school 

Among other positive results, afterschool and summer programs can result in:

  • Lower dropout rates
  • Higher rates of school attendance
  • Improved academic performance

Challenges and goal

There are 15,384 kids age 10 to 19 in both Brooklyn Park and Brooklyn Center. In the summer of 2014, 61% of these kids were not involved in summer programs that support their healthy development. Kids and their families, especially teens, are underserved.

The goal for Opt In for Kids! is to expand access to these programs.

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