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Temporary Signs

What types of temporary signs are allowed?

  • Banners
  • Feather flags
  • Campaign signs
  • Garage sale
  • Real estate signs
  • Window signage
  • Non-profit event signs
  • Sandwich board (pedestrian signs)
  • Construction
  • Open house
  • Directional signs

Types of signs that are not allowed

  • Flashing signs
  • Roof signs—signs installed above the building façade
  • Projecting signs
  • Signs having more than 2 sign faces
  • Signs painted directly on building walls
  • Any attention getting devices such as streamers, balloons, pennants, or inflatable animals or characters
  • Signs attached to light poles, utility poles, trees or other permanent supports not intended as sign structures

Can I have temporary signs to advertise my business?

  • Yes. Each business is allowed three sign permits each year.
  • Permits cost $75 each and allow one banner and/or three feather flags to be displayed for up to 30 days for each permit.

What types of temporary signs require a permit?

Banners and feather flags are allowed with a valid permit.


  • Banners cannot be bigger than 200 square feet
  • Banners must be attached to the building, wall or existing fence.

Feather flags

  • No more than three feather flags are allowed for each permit.
  • Feather flags must be less than 15 feet in height.
  • Feather flags must be placed at least 10 feet back from the property line.
  • Feather flags cannot be placed within the public right-of-way or the 30 foot clear-view triangle.
Feather flag sign


Banner signs attached to a fence is allowed with a permit


Banners suspended in the air between buildings or poles are not allowed

Not allowed

Sandwich board (pedestrian signs)

  • Businesses are allowed one pedestrian sign displayed outside during business hours only.
  • Signs must be less than 10 square feet on each side.
  • Signs must be located within 20 feet of the customer’s entrance to the business. 
Sandwich boards also known as pedestrian signs are allowed


What are the window sign requirements?

  • Window signs cannot cover more than 25% of total window area
  • Permits are not required for signs placed on the inside of the window

Non-profit event signs

  • There is no fee for non-profit organizations promoting their event in Brooklyn Park.
  • Signs cannot be placed within the boulevard, right-of-way or inside the clear view triangle (see illustration).
  • Signs cannot be more than 8 square feet (2’x4’).
  • Only one sign is allowed on each property.
  • Up to four signs are allowed at each intersection. 
  • Signs can be put out 15 days before the event, but must be removed 2 days after the event.

Intersection map that shows signs cannot be placed in right of ways and the 30-foot clear view triangle

What are the requirements for garage sale signs?

  • Signs cannot be more than 4 square feet (2’x2’).  
  • Signs cannot be displayed for more than 4 days.
  • Signs must display the beginning, end date and address of the sale.
  • Signs cannot be on property that is not intended for sign usage. 
Yard sign

Not allowed

Signs posted to trees are not allowed

Not allowed

Campaign signs

Campaign signs are allowed to be posted 46 days before the primary and election and 10 days after the election. For additional information on campaign signs and candidates running for office, please contact the City Clerk.

Phone and email

Devin Montero
City Clerk
Email Devin Montero

Motion signs

Motion signs are typically not allowed, except for pre-approved signs that display the time and/or temperature, or have a message that doesn’t change more than once every 2 minutes.

Report violation for signs

Phone and email

Pang Yang
Code Enforcement and Public Health
Email Pang Yang

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