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METRO Blue Line Extension Community Advisory Committee

Apply for the advisory committee

Deadline to apply is January 31, 2019.

Apply for the advisory committee


The METRO Blue Line Extension (BLRT) Community Advisory Committee (CAC) is established to provide guidance to the BLRT Corridor Management Committee (CMC) on community issues during the engineering and environmental phases of Blue Line project development. Appointments to the CAC will serve commencing early 2019 and concluding December 31, 2020 or until construction information work groups are formed prior to construction activities.


The purpose of the CAC is to serve as a voice for the community and advise the BLRT Corridor Management:

  1. Provide input on light rail design and engineering topics including but not limited to station design, parking, multi-modal access to station and public art.
  2. Advise on communications and outreach strategies related to BLRT.
  3. Provide input on station area vision and character for development from a community perspective.
  4. Identify potential issues and review strategies to mitigate the impacts of construction on residences and businesses.
  5. Serve as an information resource and liaison to the greater corridor community and their appointing organization.

Reporting requirements

One CAC co-chair will serve as a member of the CMC and provide updates of CAC activities at CMC.


Each member of the BLRT CAC agrees to:

  1. Attend a majority of CAC meetings and actively participate in discussions by sharing ideas and expertise.
  2. Actively participate in discussions; be a voice to advance the broader interests of community.
  3. Routinely report back to their organization on the activities and discussions of the CAC as well as serve as a conduit of information to the broader community and to their appointing organization.
  4. Identify issues affecting communities impacted by both the LRT project development and Community Works initiatives and assist in developing strategies for minimizing those impacts.
  5. Provide feedback on communication and public involvement efforts.
  6. Listen to and respect the viewpoints of others.
  7. Accept outcomes of Metropolitan Council decisions.


Members will be appointed in early 2019 and conclude their term by December 31, 2020 or until construction information work groups are formed prior to construction activities.

Membership is intended to represent the diverse interests and stakeholders along Blue Line Extension line and will include stakeholders that are represented along the corridor. Specifically, membership will be appointed as follows:

Community appointed members

  • Minneapolis, 3 members
  • Golden Valley, 2 members
  • Robbinsdale, 2 members
  • Crystal, 2 members
  • Brooklyn Park, 3 members
  • Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board, 2 members

Corridors of Opportunity Engagement Grantees

Ten people.

At-large representation

Two people will be appointed at-large by the Chair of Metropolitan Council and Chair of Hennepin County Community Works Steering Committee.

If an appointed member is no longer able to participate actively in the CAC, the organization that appointed that person will be allowed to name a replacement.

Committee co-chairs

The Chair of Metropolitan Council and Chair of Hennepin County Community Works Steering Committee will (re)appoint two co-chairs for the CAC. The co-chairs are charged with:

  • Ensuring corridor-wide perspectives are present when offering guidance to steering committees
  • Lead committees through their tasks and ensure charter compliance
  • Identify topics/issues of committee concern
  • Develop meeting agendas with Blue Line Extension Project Office and Hennepin County staff


The CAC will schedule monthly meetings on the Monday before Corridor Management Committee (second Thursday of month) from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. Agendas and meeting summaries will be distributed to all members at least five business days before the meeting and posted on the project’s website. Post meeting, meeting materials/presentations and approved meeting summaries will be posted on the project’s website.

View meeting agendas and minutes

Due to the timeliness of topics, additional meetings, subcommittees meetings and focus groups may be scheduled as needed.

To facilitate communication and a sharing of ideas and information, the CAC with meet jointly at least twice each year with the Business Advisory Committee (BAC). This meeting will replace a regularly scheduled CAC meeting.

Contact us

City Hall

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Brooklyn Park, MN 55443
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Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.


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