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Brooklyn Park 2025 Progress

You said, we did!

In 2016, city staff worked with residents to establish six goals they would like to see Brooklyn Park accomplish by 2025. Since then, the city has been hard at work to accomplish these goals! Click each goal below to see what we’ve accomplished so far.

Goal one: United community

We want to become a more united and welcoming community, strengthened by our diversity.

See our updated community statistics related to this goal here.

We did:

Open catering at the CAC:

Based on your input, the community is invited to bring in food or use a licensed caterer of their choice for events hosted at the Community Activity Center banquet rooms. Consider booking one of our rooms for your next event!

Open catering at the CAC

Tater Daze moved:

Tater Daze moved to the Community Activity Center in 2018 and added a bunch of teen activities!Tater Daze moved event






New Connect now includes renters:

We revamped and expanded our New Connect volunteer program, welcoming new residents to the city with a tote bag of city info and coupons…and it now includes renters! If you’d like to help, please sign up as a volunteer! New Connect volunteer program

In the works:

City Hall remodel

Look for improvements coming to City Hall as we remodel to provide better designed service centers, updated community conference rooms and more productive work spaces for our employees!

Tater Daze

The planning committee will continue working to make the festival welcoming to all. If you are interested in helping, we would love for you to get involved!


The Center for Innovation & the Arts and adjoining plaza is a proposed new facility around North Hennepin Community College. Look for pilot projects and ways to provide input.

Goal two: Beautiful places

We want beautiful places and quality infrastructure that make Brooklyn Park a unique destination.

See our updated community statistics related to this goal here.

We did:

Upgraded streets:

Annually, we continue to improve streets in the city with 19-plus miles milled and overlaid, 20-plus miles seal coated and one mile reconstructed.

Upgraded streets

Snow emergency program:

For winter 2018-19 we rolled out a snow emergency pilot project to enhance safety and help people get around Brooklyn Park during the winter months. Eight snow emergencies were declared this winter. Nearly 400 cars took advantage of parking at city parks during snow emergencies. Snow emergency program

Park Bond projects:

We engaged more than 1,500 residents to create a plan for the future of our park system, and in November 2018, voters approved a bond to fund these exciting improvements! Park Bond projects

D’Amico Catering at Edinburgh:

We partnered with D’Amico to provide catering at Edinburgh USA. Renovations of both the restaurant and clubhouse were part of the Economic Development Authority’s $1.5 million investment.

D'Amico Catering at Edinburgh

In the works:

Blue Line Light Rail:

With an estimated start date for construction in late 2020, we continue to work on ways to create beautiful destinations at the proposed LRT stations in Brooklyn Park. These include public plazas, pedestrian walkways, and several unique youth-led art projects.

Highway 252:

In 2018, the state awarded $132 million in Corridors of Commerce funding to convert Highway 252 into a full freeway, eliminating traffic signals between Highway 694 and 610. Construction is scheduled for 2022. Look for opportunities to give input!

Park improvements:

The new design for River Park will be finalized in 2019 with construction starting in 2020. In coordination with Three Rivers Park District, phase one will begin in 2019 for the new Mississippi Gateway Regional Park (formerly Coon Rapids Dam Park) and the Environmental Nature Area. Phase two of the project will include full redevelopment of both sides of the park beginning in 2022.

Goal three: Thriving economy

We want a balanced economic environment that empowers businesses and people to thrive.

See our updated community statistics related to this goal here.

We did:

Expanded BrookLynk:

Since 2015, we have trained more than 700 young people in career readiness and coordinated more than 300 paid summer internships for young people bringing youth new opportunities to explore employment, get mentored by professionals, and gain confidence in pursuing their goals after high school. Expanded BrookLynk

Textile recycling:

Brooklyn Park was the first suburban city to start clothes recycling in 2017 and more than 120,000 pounds have been collected since it started.

Textile recycling

Emerald Ash Borer:

We developed and completed phase one of our Emerald Ash Borer Implementation Plan, which is designed to proactively manage the ash tree population. This will diversify the types of trees in the community as we aim for the long-term sustainability of our tree population. Once again this summer you can help by treating your own ash trees…with a discount!

Emerald Ash Borer

In the works:

Support businesses

Community Development staff is focusing on business retention and expansion using more one-on-one conversations with businesses to hear about their needs and share more about work at the City.

Solar power

By the end of 2019, solar panels will be installed on City buildings and are projected to generate more than 1.5 megawatts of electricity, or the equivalent energy used by approximately 190 houses in a year. By the end of 2020, the goal is to reach 100% sustainable energy at City facilities by subscribing to solar gardens for our remaining electrical needs.

Organics recycling/Composting

In line with the Hennepin County’s Solid Waste Management Master Plan, Brooklyn Park is working to provide organic waste collection from commercial customers by 2020 and residential customers by 2022.

Goal four: Healthy and safe people

We want people of all ages to have what they need to feel healthy and safe.

See our updated community statistics related to this goal here.

We did:

Age-friendly community:

In partnership with Hennepin County Public Health, we worked with Age-Friendly focus groups who provided information for the “Brooklyn Park Becoming an Age-Friendly Community” report.

Age Friendly Focus Group

Youth outreach team:

Through the creation of the Brooklyn Park Youth Outreach Team, Recreation and Parks continues to partner with our Police Department to work with youth in a way that leads to a climate of safety and well-being in the community. Hundreds of youth and families are being connected to new opportunities and to Zanewood programs.


Police-community relations:

Police community engagement efforts and relationship building have long been a standard for Brooklyn Park. An example of this is the Police Department’s partnership with the organization The Inner Hero where “barbershop conversations” have sparked dialogue about issues concerning our community.

police dog

In the works:

Fire department strategic planning process:

The Fire Department has taken some time to work with community members, the City Council and department staff to look at current service levels and will be exploring options for the future of the Fire Department and emergency service delivery to the community.

Age-friendly community:

We will be developing an action plan of practical steps toward a community where residents are able to age safely and happily.

Engaging youth:

Brooklyn Park is working to find ways to engage non-participating youth and families in sports programs and making connections for relevant services and opportunities.

Goal five: Increased equity

We want partnerships that increase racial and economic equity and empower residents and neighborhoods to prosper.

See our updated community statistics related to this goal here.

We did:

Meals for kids:

We worked with Partners in Nutrition to get healthy, hearty food and drinks available for youth participating in our summer programs with Rec on the Go! and Camp Monroe. This kept kids fed all summer so they could focus and feel comfortable at Recreation and Parks events. It is an important step in addressing hunger issues in Brooklyn Park.

meals for kids

Apartment outreach:

The Apartment Action Plan brings multiple departments together to collaborate on a few target areas from engaging with tenants and property managers/owners, developing proactive strategies for apartment sustainability, and monitoring the safety needs of apartment communities.

Mental health focus area:

In partnership with Hennepin County, we placed a social worker in the Police Department. Along with mental illness training, this will help begin to change the way the city works with individuals who are experiencing a mental health crisis or illness.

mental health

In the works:

Cities United and My Brother’s Keeper (MBK):

Brooklyn Park continues to focus on revitalizing hope, health and safety in our community. We leverage support from our national partners Cities United and MBK to eliminate violence among African American men and boys and to create opportunities in employment, health and mentoring activities.

Increased access to food:

Second Harvest Heartland is moving their headquarters to Brooklyn Park. As they work to end hunger through community partnerships, our local CEAP food shelf will also open a market in the new building. You can get involved by helping them and supporting our local CEAP food shelf.

Racial equity tool

City staff are beginning to apply a tool to look at how city policies, programs or procedures affect communities of color and low-income populations. The focus is to prevent or lessen the disproportionate impacts on these communities.

Goal six: Effective and engaging government

We want an effective and engaging government recognized as a leader.

See our updated community statistics related to this goal here.

We did:


We have improved the online experience for our utility billing customers and started accepting rental license renewals online. More than half of our customers took advantage of this in 2018.

E services

Intercultural development:

More than 300 staff from every department and a number of community members have attended the half day Foundations of Intercultural Competence training.

Intercultural Development

Denial. Polarization. Minimization. Acceptance. Adaptation. Bridges across Difference. Deeply Comprehends Difference. Intercultural. Mindset. De-emphasizes Difference. Judges Difference. Misses Difference. Review each primary orientation. Monocultural. Mindset. © 2015 IDI, LLC used with permission. Modified from the Developmental Model of Intercultural Sensitivity (DMIS), M. Bennett, 1986.

Customer Service Excellence Standards:

Whether providing service to our community members, businesses or co-workers, we endeavor to provide it with excellence. To that end, we defined what excellence in service looks like by rolling out our Customer Service Excellence Standards.

customer service

In the works:

More online services:

We are always looking to expand our online services to save paper, time, and allow residents to get things done from the comfort of their home. We are exploring projects to add multi-lingual options. Keep watching for new self-service options.

New city website:

We will be launching a new City of Brooklyn Park website in 2019 to improve the online experience for our residents, staff and customers. Be on the lookout for these exciting changes!

Resident survey 2019:

Biannually, we conduct a randomized customer service survey. We want to hear from our residents so that we can continuously improve on our city services.

Brooklyns Census 2020 Coalition:

Come help us make sure everyone is counted! The census will be here before we know it and we need everyone’s help to engage every part of our community for a complete count.