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Brooklyn Park Development Corporation Application

Candidates must be a resident of Brooklyn Park.

Thank you for your interest in serving as a business or bank representative on the Brooklyn Park Development Corporation Board (BPDC). The BPDC was established in the early 1990s as a general partner to the City’s Economic Development Authority (EDA). The Board was established to provide financial resources to small businesses in the City through low interest loans and innovative financial programs.

Members of the BPDC board of directors are volunteers and are appointed by the Brooklyn Park City Council for a two-year term and is are responsible for the creation, implementation, and oversight of multiple small business loan programs including a Revolving Loan, Microbusiness Loan, and Emergency Relocation Loan. Currently, BPDC has over 20 active loans and two active contracts with loan servicers. BPDC strives to be innovative and creative in advancing its business support programming while being mindful of the many ways race, equity, and inclusion must be centered to ensure fair and impactful programming goals are achieved.

The board meets at City Hall on a quarterly basis and “as needed” to consider loan applications throughout the year. The meetings are held at 8 a.m. typically last one to two hours and may be attended in-person or virtually. Meeting times may change to accommodate the availability of all Board members.

For more information, contact Malcolm Hicks at 763-493-8053 or

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    Banking Representative represents a bank located in Brooklyn Park OR must have provided a loan to a small business in Brooklyn Park to be eligible.
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