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Become a Police Cadet

The Brooklyn Park Police Cadet program was developed in 2001 to enable the entry of diverse qualified candidates for police officer positions. We strive to provide the best possible police service to our community through the recruitment of persons with a diverse background, knowledge, and connections.

Police cadets are individuals the Police Department has conditionally committed to hire as police officers as soon as they become qualified, and the Department has an opening it is authorized to fill.

The Department assists the cadet in preparation for the role of police officer by:

  • Providing a full school scholarship for the required education
  • Providing a part-time, uniformed, civilian position
  • Providing a police officer mentor to orient the cadet to the Department’s mission, policies, procedures, equipment, and methods of providing law enforcement services.

Cadets work a paid and flexible, part-time schedule to allow them to complete their college courses in law enforcement.