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A new website for Brooklyn Park

We’re building a new website where you can get things done quickly and easily.

Our website got a serious makeover! Back in 2017, we started the process of redesigning our city website. Our goal was to make the website more user-friendly for residents and easier to access the services that residents want and need.

New features

  • Improved search function
  • Easy-to-access contact information
  • Quick access to the services YOU need
  • Community stories that feature awesome things happening in your city
  • Simple design that’s easier to read (and easy for
    us to change if something’s not quite right).

What’s next

We’ll be continuously working to improve this website and make sure that it’s serving the residents of Brooklyn Park. Have a look around, enjoy the new experience and don’t hesitate to share any and all feedback you have!

You can email feedback to