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Historic City Council swearing-in ceremony

Mayor re-elected to a third term and two new city council members will serve the residents of Brooklyn Park

Mayor Jeffery Lunde announced that the swearing-in of two new city council members will make for an even more diverse council. In November, residents elected two new council members, including a man of Liberian descent.

“The City of Brooklyn Park is made up of a very diverse population with one in five residents born in a foreign country. Brooklyn Park is also home to one of the largest Liberian populations in the country,” said Mayor Lunde. “This election was historic as Wynfred Russell is the first Liberian to serve on city council.”

Wynfred Russell replaces West District incumbent Bob Mata. Tonja West-Hafner fills the vacant Central District seat. West-Hafner, former chair of the City’s Community Long-range Improvement Commission (CLIC), takes over a seat that was vacant for the first time in 12 years. Terry Parks, a long-time firefighter, will serve his second term.

Back in 2016, Susan Pha of Hmong descent, made history in Brooklyn Park becoming the city council’s first member of color. Prior to her win, the city council was made up of seven men.

“It’s important for city council to have different perspectives and voices that match the community. I believe that we have that now,” said Mayor Lunde.

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