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Don’t get towed when it snows

This winter, the city is enhancing safety and helping people get around Brooklyn Park during the winter months by piloting a new Snow Emergency Parking ordinance.

In effect October 15 through April 15, the Snow Emergency Parking ordinance gives the city the authority to declare a snow emergency when snow, sleet, ice or snow drifts have created dangerous road conditions.

When a Snow Emergency event is declared, vehicles may not park on city streets until the street is plowed curb to curb. Plow trucks clear streets so motorists, re trucks, ambulances, school buses and police vehicles can get to where they need to go, safely.

Vehicles left on city streets during a snow emergency event may be ticketed and towed to an impound lot. The city’s website has information on snow plow routes and where to find a vehicle if it has been towed. Vehicle owners are responsible for all fees associated with snow emergency citations, towing and storing operations.

Snow Emergency notifications will be sent to the media (radio, tv, local newspapers), posted on the city’s website and emailed to people who sign up to received Snow Emergency notifications.

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