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Selling a Home

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Before you sell

Brooklyn Park residents selling their home are no longer required to obtain a Point of Sale (POS) Housing Inspection.  The city council repealed this ordinance and approved the following procedures to shut down the program:

  • Effective immediately, a POS inspection certificate is no longer required.  Those listing a home for sale after June, 3, 2013 do not need to apply for an inspection.
  • Those that have applied for a POS inspection, but have not yet received that inspection, will receive a refund.
  • Those that have applied for a POS inspection and have received that inspection will not receive a refund, but will not be required to obtain a certificate and complete the process. If desired by homeowners, staff will conduct follow-up inspections on these properties.
  • Outstanding escrows and buyers' agreements will be terminated as compliance is no longer required.

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