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Park System Plan

Save the date!

Residents are invited to attend a community engagement meeting to review the draft system plan and provide feedback before it goes to City Council in November.

Thursday, October 26
5:45 to 7:30 p.m. at Brooklyn Park City Hall (dinner provided)
5200 85th Ave. N.

Here is what we have done so far

A team of staff, in partnership with a Community Advisory Team (CAT), have been working to engage the entire community by hosting community and youth meetings, soliciting feedback from program and special event participants and conducting an online survey. They have focused their conversations on the following three questions:

  1. How residents currently use the park system
  2. What improvements would they like to see made to the current park system
  3. What would they like to see in the system that does not exist in the City

Here is what we have heard from the community

The surveys and feedback from the community meetings have validated many of the same priorities the community identified through the 2012 Parks and Recreation Master Plan process.

These include:

  • Adding specialized facilities (aquatics, field house, etc.)
  • Creating more unique parks
  • Enhancing the trail system

Community meeting on the Park System Plan

So, what is next?

After a full review of the data collected through the community engagement process, staff will work with the consultant, Community Advisory Team (CAT) and the City Council to validate community feedback and refine the details for priority projects.

How can you stay engaged in the process?

Once the plan is approved, staff will work with City Council to identify financial options to support implementation of the plan. It is anticipated that a bond referendum vote from the community will occur in the fall of 2018. Therefore, your voice really does matter!

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Community Activity Center (Recreation and Parks Department)

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