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What's in a label: Tales from Tim's Recycling Bin

March 31, 2016 11:13 AM
Draft of New Recycling Label
Draft of New Recycling Label

How do you figure out what goes in your recycling cart? You might look it up on our website www.brooklynpark.org/recycling. Maybe you keep our annual calendar on the fridge. You can always call us at 763-493-8006. Perhaps you look at the label on the lid of your recycling cart.

Just like with your favorite brands, labels need to be updated and we need your help to update the labels on recycling carts. The old labels with the smiling recycling cart were designed about 15 years ago. Since then we've added new materials to what we accept. The labels also use only text to describe what goes in the cart. Not everyone reads English well.

Here is a link to a rough draft of the new labels. You can see that we’re incorporating icons for each category of recyclable material. We’re using English language text that has been vetted by focus groups to describe the material. Here’s where you come in. We want feedback on two things. Are the icons recognizable to you or would something else work better? And what other languages and what terms in those languages should we use. Send me an email at tim.pratt@brooklynpark.org or call me at 763-493-8120.

Special Materials Drop-off Day

Not everything that’s recyclable goes in your cart. That’s why we hold two Special Materials Drop-off Days each year. On Saturday, April 30 bring your items to the Operations and Maintenance Facility, 8300 Noble Avenue between 8:00 a.m. and 3 p.m. (hint come later when there’s not much of a line – or even no line at all). For a list of the items we’ll take and fees charged visit www.brooklynpark.org/recycling-events.

New this spring we’ll have book recycling and compost for pick up. Also our charity partner Bridging will be moving into their new and bigger facility and won’t be available to take your donations. They’ll return for the fall event October 9.



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