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Tater Daze is moving

February 27, 2018 01:11 PM
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Tater Daze is moving
© City of Brooklyn Park

The Tater Daze planning committee and the City of Brooklyn Park are excited to announce Brooklyn Park’s summer festival is moving from Noble Sports Park to the Brooklyn Park Community Activity Center (CAC).

The decision to move comes after six months of research led by the Tater Daze planning committee and the Recreation and Parks Department. Committee members and staff met with various city departments as well as the City Council during the process. They talked, at length, about logistics, program opportunities and program philosophy.

In the end, the Tater Daze team decided to switch locations for the following reasons:


The CAC is roughly the geographic center of the City, which gives greater access to those who don’t have a car or depend largely on public transportation. The CAC is located along several local bus routes.


Access to the CAC interior spaces allows for greater protection from the elements. Activities can continue despite inclement weather and the CAC can act as a severe weather shelter if need be.

New programs

The amenities of the CAC and surrounding campus offer a number of opportunities to add new programs including ice skating, fishing and skate boarding. There are added opportunities to host open houses at the nearby fire and police stations.

Date and other events

The festival will continue to be over Father’s Day weekend (June 14 through 16), with the parade on Thursday evening and other events happening Friday and Saturday. Please note that although most programs are moving to the CAC, the parade and the 5K Spud Run will still be up at Noble Sports Park. Those two activities will remain where they have been for at least one more year due to the logistics involved with closing city streets.

More information

More information about this year’s Tater Daze festival will be in the spring/summer edition of GetUp&Go and the next edition of Park Pages.

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