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Tales From Tim's Recycling Bin: Just Right

January 6, 2017 02:35 PM
Recycling carts
Got the right cart size? 96-gallon, 64-gallon and 32-gallon carts are available.
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Did you get a gift over the holidays that had you wondering just what were they thinking? Hopefully it was something simple to solve such as the wrong color or the wrong size.

Speaking of size, that reminds me. Do you know you can get a different size recycling cart?

When we started the single-stream recycling program back in the day, we gifted every homeowner with a 64-gallon cart with a green lid. Now we’re finding out that one size does not fit all. That’s why we offer a smaller (32-gallon) or a bigger (96-gallon) size cart. Heck, you can even have a second cart. There’s no extra cost to add, subtract or change cart sizes or to get a yellow lid.

So if your family needs warrant a different cart permanently or temporarily – say you’re doing some spring cleaning, give us a call or leave a message at 763-493-8006 24/7.

Boxed Up

With the holidays you may have extra boxes. You don’t have to get them in your cart to have them recycled. Simply flatten them down. If the boxes are more than about three foot square fold or cut them in half. Then tape them together in stacks of about six inches thick. Place as many bundles as you have next to your cart and the driver will load them into the truck.

Extra boxes can also be taken to the Hennepin County Drop-Off Facility, 8100 Jefferson Highway. You only need to flatten them. No need to bundle the boxes you drop off there.



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