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Salting and sanding sidewalks: will the city do it?

March 23, 2018 02:09 PM
A handful of salt is all you need to melt ice and prevent pollution
Bring a bucket to pick up salt and sand
© City of Brooklyn Park

While we all appreciate a mid-winter thaw it can make sidewalks more difficult to navigate. When temperatures rise above freezing and some of the snow along the sidewalks melts it can become very slippery.

This is just a friendly reminder that while the City plows more than 100 miles of designated sidewalks, under our city code it is the adjoining property owner who is responsible for keeping the sidewalk along or in front of their property clear of snow and ice. Please do yourself and your neighbors a favor and throw a little sand/salt on the sidewalks to keep everyone safe.

We’ll even help you out. If you bring an empty five-gallon or similar-sized pail to our Operations and Maintenance facility, located at 8300 Noble Ave., we’ll give you sand/salt to save you the time and expense of having to purchase it.



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