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Recycling is All Around Us: Tales from Tim's Recycling Bin

March 3, 2017 12:26 PM
Some of us may think of recycling a plastic bottle as sort of sending the kids off to college. They left the house. We know they’re going somewhere and we hope the finished product turns into something good. But we’re not there to watch, so we just have to trust that things will work out alright.
You don’t have to wait for that email or Facetime request because there are signs all around us that just like our kids your recycling is turning out just fine.
Where is all around? We can start with the store. Before heading out to the store you can peruse the Target ad. It’s printed on recycled paper made at Verso Paper in Duluth.
First stop, the home improvement store. There we find that your old plastic jugs have been turned into lawn edging by Master Mark based in Paynesville, Minnesota.
Head to the grocery store and we find Snapple bottles made from recycled glass at Anchor Glass in Shakopee and recycled paper egg cartons made at Pactiv in Morehead.
It’s even at the office. Our recycled copy paper is made at the PCA paper mill in International Falls.
Until next time, remember to look for the recycling all around you my friends.

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