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Recycle at your party: Tales from Tim's Recycling Bin

June 1, 2016 08:45 AM
Young girl recycling a plastic water bottle at an event
Event recycling container
© Ramsey County

It’s the season of graduations, family reunions and other big get-togethers. Typically these events include plenty of food and beverages – beverages often served in bottles or cans. So when you’re planning your party, add one more item to your check list – event recycling containers.

It’s pretty easy to put another container for bottles and cans next to the trash. But just because you put it out, doesn’t mean that your guests will know to use it. So I have a few tips:

  • Make the recycling container a different color, shape and/or size than the trash container. This helps catch people’s attention.
  • Use clear signs that incorporate photos or drawings and few words because your busy guests don’t have time to read small print. Something like the recycling symbol and a drawing of a bottle and a can will do.
  • Place the signs above the containers. Again busy guests will not be looking at the sides of your container.
  • If you don’t have extra containers, borrow some for free from Hennepin County. They even come with clear plastic bags that allow your guests to see the bottles and cans. This serves as another visual clue to put your recycling in the proper place. Reserve your containers at http://www.hennepin.us/business/recycling-hazardous-waste/recycling-at-events<​/li>

Remember to empty any bags of bottles and cans into your recycling cart. Bags get caught on machinery at the sorting facility. And opaque bags often are tossed in the trash unopened. You don’t want to put out recycling containers only to see the material end up in the garbage.



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