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Meet Tom Lauinger: Golden Spud Winner 2017

June 13, 2017 03:53 PM

The golden spud has been found! On the hot and humid Saturday of June 10, the spud was discovered in Founders Park by Tom Lauinger. Lauinger found the gold tater after just two clues posted by the city.

Lauinger is no stranger to the Spud Hunt, Tom and his family would annually search for the spud and make it a bonding experience with his children and grandchildren. The family would blog and brainstorm with one another about possible whereabouts and then later, would go out and search together.

Lauinger decided to check Founders Park on Saturday morning after his daughter thought it might be in that area. After searching, he was about to head home when he noticed a golden speck wedged in between two of the larger rocks in the park. To his surprise, it turned out to be the golden spud! Lauinger plans to take his family out on a nice dinner with the winnings.




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