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Meet a Water Efficiency Rebate Recipient

Jeff Moravec
Brooklyn Park received a grant from the Met Council to give rebates to residents who purchase water efficient clothes washers, toilets and/or irrigation controllers. We recently met up with Jeff Moravec who received a $25 rebate on his irrigation system controller.
1) Why did you decide to buy a water efficient irrigation system controller? I wanted to be able to do two things: A. Reduce the amount of water I was using by installing a system that can access the internet via wi-fi, so monitoring weather conditions — and not sprinkling during (or before/after) a rain! B. Start/stop, monitor, fine-tune, etc., via a smartphone app instead of running to the garage every time.
2) What differences have you noticed? My water bill was down 18% in summer 2016 compared to summer 2015, and we had one more person living in the house.
3) What would you tell others about your water efficient irrigation system controller? There is obviously a bit of an initial investment, but not bad. The controller was very, very easy to install. I would expect to get a full return on my money in just 2-3 years. This system is very easy to use and offers so much more customization than the old one I had — you put in information about each zone, sun exposure, etc., and it calculates when and how much to water. And you never water when you don’t need to. Piece of cake.
Visit our Water Efficiency Rebate page to see how you can qualify or call 763-493-8007. Hurry the rebate program ends June 30.


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