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High tech is being built in Brooklyn Park: Design Ready Controls' products found around the world

March 21, 2018 01:42 PM
Design Ready Controls workers make high tech products
Brooklyn Park workers are making high tech products found around the world
© Design Ready Controls

If you like playing with Legos you may have what it takes to make cutting edge products right here in Brooklyn Park.

That’s right Brooklyn Park is home to numerous high tech manufacturing firms such as Design Ready Controls. Their world headquarters at Winnetka and 93rd Avenue looks like an ordinary grey building on the outside, but inside they are making control panels for HVAC controllers, oil pumps, building technology and more.“Basically anything that needs to turn on and off,” according to Marketing Brand Manager Amanda Gregory. “We have worked on some pretty cool things around the world.”

For proprietary reasons she couldn’t tell us more. Okay she did tell us one, but she swore us to secrecy first. But trust us, it’s cool.

Design Ready Controls moved to Brooklyn Park in 2015 primarily because the location makes it easier to attract and retain highly skilled workers. When you’re manufacturing high tech control systems you need skilled workers who know how to think, collaborate and problem solve. Each requires its own brand of creativity and problem-solving—just like building with Legos. And Brooklyn Park fit the bill.

For instance Brooklyn Park resident Pheng Xiong is the supervisor of the harness assembly and wire processing department. Xiong loves his eight minute commute as well as his great coworkers and the supportive atmosphere. There are no dark assembly lines or dull, repetitive tasks here. The positions here are challenging and ever changing, the facilities bright, clean and high-tech.

Pheng Xiong is a Brooklyn Park resident and works for Design Ready Controls

The company makes it a point to train and grow employees. “We find a good personality and then train for the skills,” said Xiong, whose brother-in-law, a fellow Brooklyn Park resident, works there too.

In addition to being home to lots of great workers, Gregory said Brooklyn Park is home to a welcoming city staff. “The City and the Chamber of Commerce were so inviting and supportive.” That support is part of our Brooklyn Park 2025 Community Goal to have “A balanced economic environment that empowers businesses and people to thrive.”

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