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Healthy aging at any age

July 29, 2016 03:09 PM
Woman and two kids petting a dog at a park
Family enjoys the Brookdale Dog Park
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If your goal is to age gracefully, there’s an abundance of advice. Here are a few tips for healthy living!

Choose your friends carefully and connect regularly

Friends and their habits influence your life, so choose friends whose habits will keep you healthy.

Find a sense of purpose (separate from work)

Part of the challenge of aging gracefully is to continue to find things that are important to you. Whether it’s travel, spiritual pursuits, hobbies, new social groups, learning, or more time with family, plan time for what matters to you.

Adopt a dog (or any animal you need to walk regularly)

Finding ways to incorporate physical activity into your daily routine is essential. If walking a dog is not in your plan, look for other ways to move regularly.

Celebrate aging!

Part of aging is accepting the fact that aging changes everyone. To age gracefully, one needs to anticipate the changes that are inevitable, and adapt as needed, without complaint.

Eat food, not too much, mostly plants

This is the simple recommendation of author and journalist Michael Pollan. Translated, it means eat a diet of mostly plants, including vegetables, fruits, beans, legumes, nuts, seeds, and whole grains, and smaller amounts of low or nonfat dairy, eggs, seafood, and lean poultry and meats. Add a glass of wine a day, if desired.

Put family first

In societies where family connections are important, longevity follows. Family first means make time for family ahead of work, friends, hobbies, or sports.

Select a primary care physician

And stay in touch for routine maintenance.

Articles provided by Hennepin County Public Health




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