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Golden Spud Hunt, clue 1

June 5, 2017 04:00 PM
Spud McTater with his golden spud
Golden Spud Hunt
© City of Brooklyn Park

Who needs a medallion when you can have a potato?

The Golden Spud, a valuable potato family heirloom, was handed down from Spud McTater's great-great-grandfather. Once again, the fabled Golden Spud has gone missing.

Spud knows it's somewhere in Brooklyn Park, but he needs your help retracing his steps. He will provide weekly clues to guide you on your search.

Clue #1

I was walking along at a rather light pace
'Til I stumbled upon a wide open space
The fields, they were groomed almost to perfection
So I wandered on through to do some reflection
I was so close to home, yet so far away
Walking and walking, I started to stray
I was suddenly lost, so I looked back and forth
I turned right around and headed due north

About the clues

Starting June 5 until it’s found, clues will be posted every Monday and Thursday at 4 p.m. at the following sites:

  • CCX Media (Channel 12) newscast
  • Brooklyn Park website
  • Brooklyn Park Facebook page
  • Brooklyn Park Twitter feed
  • City Hall front desk
  • Community Activity Center


For the lucky person who finds the Golden Spud, Spud McTater and the City of Brooklyn Park are offering:
$300 cash reward

Button bonus prize

$100 bonus if you have a 2017 Tater Daze button. The winner will be presented with their reward at a City Council meeting.

Contest rules

  • No digging
  • No climbing is necessary
  • The Golden Spud will be located on public property in Brooklyn Park
  • City employees and family members are ineligible
  • No purchase necessary
  • Searchers assume all risk for personal injury


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