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Eight tips to protect your loved ones and home from fire

January 4, 2017 03:11 PM
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Fire safety
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Most home fires are preventable. According to the National Fire Protection Association, it's not too early or too late to protect your loved ones and your home from fire damage.

  1. Have your furnace checked. Be sure to have someone inspect and service your furnace once a year.
  2. Have your chimneys and vents checked. Fireplaces produce creosote which can ignite.
  3. Test smoke alarms monthly. Make sure batteries are replaced twice a year. Be sure there are smoke detectors inside and outside every bedroom.
  4. Cover the fireplace with a screen. Screens help protect sparks from leaving the fireplace.
  5. Beware of lit candles. Candles can set the mood for relaxation, and that's how they get forgotten or knocked over by kids or pets. Light candles only when you're around to watch them and blow them out when you're ready to leave the room.
  6. Beware of space heaters. Space heaters need space. Keep things at least three feet away. Make sure the space heaters you buy have automatic shut-offs before reaching dangerous temperatures.
  7. Know how to put out kitchen fires quickly. Do NOT put water on a grease fire. Keep lids handy to put on top of pots and pans that get too hot.
  8. Practice an escape route. Businesses have fire drills, your family should, too. Teach your family to crawl to the nearest exit from every room. Show them how to drop and roll if their clothes were ever to catch on fire.

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