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Don't leave your leaves rake 'em up: Tales from Tim's Recycling Bin

October 4, 2016 03:26 PM

When I lived in Vermont this was the time of year that we would get flocks of what we called “leaf peepers” – tourists who came to see the changing colors.

Eventually those leaves go from a pleasure to the eyes to a pain in the…arms.

As you're raking, also pick up the leaves out of the gutter. Leaves can clog up the storm drains and if they end up in lakes or ponds they can cause algae blooms.

After you've raked up your leaves you have to figure out how to recycle them. Just like paper or cans, leaves can be turned into a valuable new product: compost.

To recycle leaves into compost you can't put them in your recycling or garbage carts. It's actually against the law to do that.

You can compost them in a bin in your backyard, arrange a yard waste pickup with your garbage hauler, or bring them to the Maple Grove Yard Waste site and drop them off for free. Remember you need to empty your bags and take them with you.

Grants available

Hennepin County has grants available for schools, businesses, nonprofits, and community groups to help with projects to lighten our environmental impact.

Programs for residents

The Green Partners Environmental Education program is for projects that empower residents to reduce waste, recycle, reduce household hazardous waste, conserve energy, protect natural resources, and/or improve air and water quality.

Visit Green Partners Environmental Education

Grants for businesses

Business recycling grants help businesses start or improve programs to divert recyclables and organics from the trash.

Visit Business Recycling

Hurry applications are due mid-October.



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