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Don't Dump Dead Batteries Tales From Tim's Recycling Bin

December 1, 2016 10:38 AM

Tis the season of lights. Yes, the glow of all those electronic devices lighting up our lives. Those devices are also a drain…on our batteries.

Now, when the batteries die don’t dump ‘em. Batteries should be recycled because some contain toxic metals which could harm you or the environment if improperly disposed. Plus a battery recycling facility can take them apart to recover the metals.

So clean out your junk drawer. Round up all your rechargeable, button and alkaline batteries and put them in a clear plastic bag.

Bring them to City Hall or the County library and drop the bag in the big round battery barrel.

If you can’t remove the battery from the device, bring the entire device to the Hennepin County Drop-Off Facility, 8100 Jefferson Highway.

You can reduce waste by using rechargeable batteries. Rechargeable batteries cost more, but you can recharge them 500 to 1,000 times. So you save money and reduce waste in the long run.

Recycle Your Holidays

Don’t let holiday lights that won’t light on one side make you feel grinchy.

Bring your used lights to the Hennepin County Drop-Off Facility, 8100 Jefferson Highway. Or to find out spots use the drop-off location map.

Don’t put lights in your curbside recycling cart. Strings, chains, hoses, etc. get wrapped around the machinery at the sorting facility and end up in the trash.



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