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Coming to American for a sister city partnership: Kakata, Liberia Mayor Eddie Murphy visits Brooklyn Park

November 15, 2017 01:28 PM
Kakata Liberia Mayor Eddie Murphy
Kakata, Liberia Mayor Eddie Murphy with City Manager Jay Stroebel and Assistant City Manager Wokie Freeman-Gbogba
© City of Brooklyn Park

The Mayor of Kakata, Liberia recently came to Brooklyn Park as part of a goodwill ambassador mission. The City has had a relationship with Kakata for the past five years and both Brooklyn Park leaders and Kakata’s mayor, Eddie Murphy, have found the partnership beneficial.

“The relationship between our two cities is like a connection between brother and sister. We’re very proud to be connected with Brooklyn Park. And, having a room named after our town is a clear manifestation of love,” said Eddie Zubah Murphy, during his visit.

In 2013, the town of Kakata in Margibi County, Liberia was proclaimed as the sister city to Brooklyn Park. Brooklyn Park is one of the most diverse communities in the state of Minnesota with an estimated 20 percent of residents being from other countries. About ten percent of residents in Brooklyn Park are from Liberian descent, so having a partnership with a city from Liberia just made sense.

Mayor Jeff Lunde visited Kakata in 2013, so Mayor Murphy was pleased to return the favor when he came here in September. He says he was thrilled with the overwhelming welcome. He got a tour of Brooklyn Park and the highlight of his visit was seeing the “Kakata Room, ” a conference room at City Hall dedicated to the partnership and history of the sister city.

“Kakata and Brooklyn Park are very similar in diversity, fortune and wonderful people,” said Mayor Murphy. Kakata is the capital city in Margibi County and lies in eastern Liberia. The county is renowned for its natural features of rivers, waterfalls and forests. Kakata also boasts a booming rubber industry and growing businesses that keep the city prosperous.

“Both of these cities are so beautiful and alike, I’m happy to watch this partnership grow,” said Mayor Murphy.  And as they say in the movie, Coming to America, “No journey is too great, when one finds what they seek.”

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