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Light Rail Transit

Metro Blue Line extension (Bottineau LRT)



Engineering phase begins, includes completion of all design and engineering plans.


Project receives a full funding grant agreement from the FTA, authorizing the federal government to provide funding for the project.

2019 to 2021



The Blue Line Extension begins passenger operations.

Project overview

The proposed METRO Blue Line Extension project will bring light rail transit to the northwest communities of the Minneapolis-St. Paul Metro as early as 2022.


The line will travel 13 miles northwest of downtown Minneapolis. The train will travel from Target Field Station in downtown Minneapolis through Golden Valley before heading north along the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad corridor into Robbinsdale, Crystal and the 63rd Avenue station in Brooklyn Park.  From there, the trail will move onto West Broadway Avenue through Brooklyn Park before ending north of Trunk Highway 610 at the Oak Grove Parkway station.


The route includes 11 LRT stations with five stations in Brooklyn Park, which include:

  • Oak Grove Parkway and West Broadway
  • 93rd Avenue North and West Broadway
  • 85th Avenue North and West Broadway
  • Brooklyn Boulevard and West Broadway
  • 63rd Avenue North and Highway 81


The line is expected to carry 27,000 riders daily by 2030.

Connecting rail and bus lines

Once complete, it will connect the region's northwest communities to:

  • LRT on the METRO Green Line
  • Future LRT on the METRO Green Line extension (Southwest LRT)
  • Bus rapid transit on the METRO Red Line
  • Northstar commuter rail line
  • Local and express bus routes

The increased transportation connectivity will provide access to employment, educational and entertainment opportunities for residents of Brooklyn Park.

Tour the proposed route

Station area planning and next steps

Brooklyn Park worked with the Metropolitan Council, Hennepin County and Brooklyn Park residents on the station area plans for the stations along the line. Station area planning is a community-driven process that produces a plan for the area within a half-mile radius or about a ten-minute walk from the station platform. A station area plan informs elements such as lighting and street crossings and works to ensure the station fits into the surrounding community.

Station area planning for the METRO Blue Line LRT Extension focused on having community dialogue about the needs, desires, and concerns regarding the station area. The Health Equity Engagement Cohort (HEEC), a collective of neighborhood-based organizations, has been helping the City of Brooklyn Park, the Metropolitan Council, and Hennepin County determine how to provide housing, transportation, jobs, parks, and activity options that are accessible and affordable to everyone along the corridor.

Upcoming work includes advancing placemaking work with local organizations, working with the business community on a mitigation strategy prior to construction of the line, and studying transit-oriented development zoning for Brooklyn Park's station areas.

Station design, streetscape and fencing

Station designs continue to get more detailed as the line enters the 90% designed phase. These images show the most recent station designs.

63rd Avenue station

63rd Avenue light rail station concept

85th Avenue station

85th Avenue light rail station concept

93rd Avenue station

93rd Avenue light rail station concept

West Broadway

West Broadway will also be getting a facelift! West Broadway will be reconstructed into a multi-modal corridor that is safe and comfortable for pedestrians, the train, and automobiles. The process includes narrowing the road, adding trails and landscaping improvements, new lighting features, and a new residential fence. The City of Brooklyn Park in partnership with Hennepin County, Blue Line Project staff, two consulting firms, and business owners and residents of Brooklyn Park created the West Broadway Design Manual. The new manual will guide the implementation of design elements and streetscape improvements.

Below is an image that shows the landscaping improvements, new residential fence and trail.

West Broadway light rail station concept

More information on station areas

Download the Brooklyn Park Station Area Planning Presentation November 4, 2015 (PDF)

Visit Bottineau Corridor Community Works

West Broadway Design Manual

The West Broadway Design Manual is here!

The City of Brooklyn Park in collaboration with Hennepin County, Blue Line Project staff, two consulting firms and business owners and residents of Brooklyn Park have created a comprehensive design manual to guide the implementation of design elements and helps with decision making about public investment in the West Broadway Avenue corridor. Along with LRT, West Broadway will be getting a face lift and transformed into a multi-modal transit corridor. Once complete transit users, pedestrians, cyclists and automobiles can all comfortably use the corridor.

West Broadway light rail design conceptWest Broadway light rail design concept

West Broadway light rail design concept

The design manual is meant to guide thinking about streetscape elements along West Broadway on:

  • Lighting
  • Landscaping
  • Seating and other street furnishings
  • Fencing
  • Pavement options

Read the West Broadway Design Manual (PDF)

More information on the overall light rail project

Visit Metropolitan Council's METRO Blue Line Extension

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