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History of Eidem Homestead


For 82 years, the farm was owned by the Eidem family; however, its history can be traced to 1856, when the United States deeded 40 acres of land to John D. and Mary Berry. The next year, Berry sold the land to Silas Merrill, who also owned an adjacent 40 acres.

According to plat maps, there was a house on the property by 1879. This was probably the rear two-thirds of the house which stands today. In 1888, the Hennepin County Assessor valued Merrill’s farm at $1,000 for the land and $500 for the structures on it.

In 1890, Merrill Silas sold 39 acres to William Bragdon and established a new farmstead on the east half. From 1890 to 1894, the farm was owned by members of the Bragdon family. Then, in May of 1894, John J. Eidem, Jr. and his wife, Electa, bought 39 acres, including the house, barn and granary, for about $80 an acre. They worked the farm until 1956, raising potatoes and other crops. During the period from 1910 to 1940, a Queen Anne style addition to the house and several outbuildings were added to the property. Two sons, Arthur and Leland, grew up on the homestead. In 1918 the property known as the East Farm was sold to Archie and Leland Eidem. Electa died in 1950, and John Jr. in 1956. The Eidem grandchildren rented out the house until it was sold.

In July, 1976, the house and its 10 acres of land were purchased for $40,000 by the City of Brooklyn Park, using a federal grant from the Department of Housing and Urban Development. The Eidem Homestead Brooklyn Park Historical Farm opened to the public in September 1979.

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