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Rental and Business Licenses

The Licensing Division issues several different types of licenses, and the application requirements and processes vary from license to license. Most City license holders are required to renew their licenses on an annual basis. The following is a list and description of the most common license types.


There are several types of liquor licenses in Brooklyn Park, including on-sale, off-sale, 3.2 malt liquor, temporary intoxicating (available for nonprofit events) or wine licenses. Applications are subject to Police Department, Zoning, Community Development and City Council approvals.

Applicants are advised to submit liquor license applications to the Rental and Business Licensing Department at least two months before the business is scheduled to open. To ensure adequate time for processing, nonprofits are encouraged to submit temporary intoxicating liquor license applications two months prior to the event.

Contact the Rental and Business Licensing Department to obtain a liquor license application and for instructions on how to complete it.

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Rental and Business Licensing
Email the Rental and Business Licensing Department


New apartment owners must submit applications for licenses, which are subject to a per unit fee. There will be an annual inspection of each apartment unit. When all inspections have been completed, the Rental Housing Inspector will issue a compliance certificate that enables the apartment owner to renew the license for the upcoming year.

Body art (tattoos)

Brooklyn Park businesses providing body art must complete an application for a body art establishment license and present evidence of workers compensation insurance, if applicable. The annual fee for this license is $250.00, and the license period runs from January 1 through December 31.


All food establishments must submit a food license application before the business opens. All applications are subject to Public Health review and inspection, and the food license will be issued upon approval.

Food license fees vary. Please refer to the fee schedule for license fee information.

An itinerant food application is required for individuals or businesses who would like a short-term food license. There is a per diem charge for the licenses (nonprofits are free) and the license requires approval by the Public Health Department.

Home business

Residents operating a business from their home are required to apply for a home business permit, which is subject to Zoning Department approval. Please refer to the cover page of the home business permit application for more information on restrictions pertaining to home businesses.

Massage enterprises/massage therapists

Businesses and/or individuals providing massage services in Brooklyn Park must apply for licensure. In addition to the application, businesses are required to furnish evidence of workers compensation insurance and owners must provide acceptable identification and are subject to a background investigation.

Massage therapists are required to provide proof of training and accreditation, valid identification, and are required to maintain professional liability insurance. Therapists are also subject to background investigations.

The fee for a massage enterprise license is $125.00, and the fee for a massage therapist license is $25.00. In addition to license fees, a $100.00 background investigation fee is collected at the time of application.


Peddler licenses are issued to individuals or businesses selling goods door-to-door. Weekly or annual licenses are available. In addition to the license fee, applicants are required to pay a background investigation fee. Peddler licenses are subject to Police Department approval.


The Deputy Registrar issues pet licenses. Please contact them at 763-488-6366 for information on renewing or obtaining new pet licenses.


Unless you are renting your property to an immediate family member, you will need to apply for a rental license. In addition to the application, the rental property owner shall submit the fee ($150 for previously rented properties) or $900 for properties not previously rented ($150 for the license fee and a $750 one-time conversion fee).

All rental properties are subject to an annual inspection. The rental inspector will notify the property owner by mail of the date and time of inspection.

The Brooklyn Park Police Department requires all rental property owners or their property managers to attend a Crime Free Housing seminar one time within two years of issuance of the rental license. The seminars are conducted quarterly and the Crime Prevention Specialist will notify rental property owners of the dates and times of upcoming sessions.

Solicitor permits

Unlike peddler licenses, solicitor permits are issued to persons soliciting business door-to-door but not actually selling goods. In addition to the permit application, the applicant is required to provide two current passport-sized photos and a copy of any printed material that is to be distributed to residents. There is no charge for solicitor permits.


Vendors in Brooklyn Park selling tobacco products must apply for a tobacco license. The license is subject to Community Development, Police, Fire and City Council approvals.

Waste collector

Refuse or waste collectors must be licensed by the City of Brooklyn Park. The waste collector license fee is dependent on the number of vehicles operating in the city. Vehicles are subject to annual inspections by the Public Health Department, who also approves all new applications.

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Rental and Business Licensing
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