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Community Development Block Grant

About the grant

Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) is a federal Housing and Urban Development program that provides communities like Brooklyn Park with funding to address a wide range of activities benefiting low- to moderate-income households in the community.

The requirements of the program are established at the federal level and must be followed by those that are awarded CDBG funds. As a direct allocation city, Brooklyn Park receives about $450,000 annually from the federal government through Hennepin County. Out of this funding pool, the City is required to allocate 15% or about $70,000 to social services. The rest is allocated to other program activities as the city prioritizes.

Objective of the grant

The primary national objective of CDBG is to benefit low and moderate-income persons. As such, Hennepin County must ensure that at least a majority of the funding is used for this purpose. Verification that low- to moderate-income persons are being served is required (current income limits attached).

Income limits

Fiscal year 2016 income limits 1 person 2 person 3 person 4 person 5 person 6 person 7 person 8 person
30% area median income (extremely low) $18,050 $20,600 $23,200 $25,750 $28,440 $32,580 $36,730 $40,590
50% area median income (low) $30,050 $34,350 $38,650 $42,900 $46,350 $49,800 $53,200 $56,650
80% area median income (moderate) $46,000 $52,600 $59,150 $65,700 $71,000 $76,250 $81,500 $86,750

If a project or activity also has HOME Investment Partnership Program (HOME) funds be sure to apply the most restrictive limit, as the HOME limits have not yet changed.

Neighborhood benefit

Depending on the activity, low- to moderate-income persons may receive a direct benefit or neighborhood benefit. See map for eligible low- to moderate-income block groups for activities that benefit all residents of an area.

View map of eligible low- to moderate-income block groups

Requirements to apply

  • Organizations must have 501(c) (3) status to apply
  • Activities must benefit low- to moderate-income households in Brooklyn Park

Types of programs and activities funded

  • Programs that support the mission of the City of Brooklyn Park, “A thriving community inspiring pride where opportunities exist for all”
  • Programs that support youth, diversity in the community, family self-sufficiency, counseling, domestic abuse, seniors, affordable housing, job readiness, and training.
  • Staff time, supplies, equipment and scholarship awards

Amount of grant

Not all organizations are awarded funding. Funds are awarded at the city’s discretion.

  • Those that receive funding are typically allocated between $7,500 and $10,000
  • Organizations with programs that receive CDBG funding from multiple cities may be allocated less than $7,500 or none.

Reimbursement process

After my program is awarded the funds, how do we get reimbursed?

  • The funds are reimbursed when a program shows that it has met the federal requirements and has provided all of the supporting documentation required.
  • The low-moderate income requirement must be met and documentation must show that the goal has been met.
  • Proof of expenses (invoices, staff time) must be submitted
  • You can request reimbursement up to 4 times in a year

Documents required for reimbursement

  • Self-certification forms establishing household income
  • One is required from every program participant
  • Client Benefit Reporting Form
  • Organization fills this out with each reimbursement request
  • Supplies and equipment invoices
  • Staff time documents; signed time cards, hourly pay rate form, administrative documentation

Application timeline and process

This is a general timeline. Exact dates may be different for the current year.


The process begins in October every year with an advertisement by the community development department in the city’s main newspaper, SunPost. The advertisement simply informs the interested organizations providing social services in Brooklyn Park about the availability of CDBG funds as well as the pre-application meeting date.


In mid-November each year, community development staff holds a pre-application meeting at the city with various interested organizations. This meeting is mainly an informational session about the processes and guidelines to be followed in applying for CDBG funds.


In mid-December each year, all the interested social services organizations submit their applications


In early January each year, staff goes through all the applications before forwarding them to the Council Members for evaluation. Staff also publishes a public hearing notice in the SunPost before the Council meeting in late February.


In late February, City staff and all social services organizations that submitted applications make a formal presentation to the City Council.

In late February the Council meets where the Council Members determine the specific allocation of funding to different organizations. All qualifying organizations are notified by staff about the funding allocation.

After the CDBG allocations have been approved through a resolution by the Council, staff submits a formal RFP to Hennepin County for the funds.


In June each year, the city receives a notice of CDBG allocation from Hennepin County


On July 1, the contracts are executed. Organizations awarded funds have 12 months to spend the funds. The program year begins on July 1 to June 30 of the following year.

Deadline to apply

Monday, December 15, 2016, 4:30 p.m.

Public hearing date

January 23, 2017

Evaluating applications

The City of Brooklyn Park has criteria to determine whether a prospective community based organization has the necessary systems in place to carry out the proposed project/activity and to comply with applicable rules and regulations.

All the social services organizations applying for the CDBG grants must meet the following requirements in addition to being registered under section 501(c)3

  • Eligibility of the activity under CDBG guidelines
  • Compliance with CDBG national objectives:
    • Serve low- to moderate-level income households
    • Promote a stable and safe living environment
    • Promote economic activity or serve an urgent need in the community
  • Consistency with the priorities and specific objectives established in the Consolidated Plan
  • Prior experience with CDBG and/or other grant programs is essential
  • Prior experience in the community being served
  • Prior experience in the type of project/activity being proposed
  • Organization’s administrative and financial capacity to carry out the proposed activity; and appropriateness of the design of the proposed project or program delivery approach.

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