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Brooklyn Park 2025: planning the city's future

What do we want Brooklyn Park to be like in 2025? We’re setting goals and we need everyone who lives or works in Brooklyn Park to contribute to the process.

Give feedback now on our goals!

What do you think of our draft community plan?

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Next steps

Review the plan

The draft of Brooklyn Park 2025 will be available in September 2016, and then we need your help to check it over! You can give feedback online or meet in person with staff. 

The Steering Committee will incorporate appropriate feedback into the final plan this fall.

Approve the plan

City Council will adopt any plan before it goes into effect.

Implement the plan

Once we have the plan, we will implement the plan! 

You can help

Tell others

Tell others about Brooklyn Park 2025. Awareness is powerful!

Stay engaged!

Come to our monthly Community Engagement Gathering, sign up for our monthly community engagement emails, and stay involved through our online Open Forum on the website.

Give feedback

Give feedback on the draft plan this fall. We need your voice to make sure it is the right plan for Brooklyn Park.

Get creative

Get creative about how you, your family, your neighborhood or organization can help achieve our city’s goals.

Summary of themes from community input

This summer members of our community gave their input for Brooklyn Park 2025, our new community plan. This plan tells the City and its community partners what to focus on over the coming years to make Brooklyn Park the best it can be. 

Here’s what you said!

We focused on four key questions to understand your priorities.

What key words would you use to describe the community of Brooklyn Park today?

Word cloud indicating the most used word in answers which are: diverse, growing, diversity, parks, community, friendly

What do you love most about Brooklyn Park?

Word cloud indicating what people love most about Brooklyn Park, which are: parks, diversity, community, neighborhoods, close, people, trails, location, access

What are the most important issues or challenges that affect our quality of life in Brooklyn Park?

  • Crime
  • Safety
  • Youth perception and experience of crime and violence
  • Lack of enforcement of city code
  • Diverse and transparent communication with residents
  • Inadequate public relations and negative public image
  • Diversity creates new challenges
  • Inclusion of diverse populations
  • Lack of community spaces and events to create opportunities for diverse communities to come together
  • Rental housing maintenance and integration across the city
  • Affordable housing options for all, including seniors and homeless
  • Racial disparities in the community (access to services, income, achievement gap, opportunities, representation)
  • Lack of adequate transportation options within the city
  • Achievement gap and graduation rate; quality of schools
  • Lack of out-of-school activities and job opportunities for youth; lack of community places for youth activities
  • Lack of jobs that offer a livable wage; disparities of income
  • A community that is diverse but divided
  • Lack of access to quality and specialized health care
  • Negative perception of Brooklyn Park by outsiders due to crime and violence
  • Lack of access to government provided/human services for diverse groups of people
  • Lack of diverse representation at the decision-maker/leadership level
  • Lack of policy and enforcement of policies in terms of housing (especially with rental properties)
  • Lack of community identity; nothing that says “I am Brooklyn Park”
  • Poor water quality
  • More can be done by the city government to combat perception of crime (e.g. with media) and combating crime

As we look forward to 2025, what do you want to see in Brooklyn Park?


  • Graduation rates will increase
  • More high school students will go on to college
  • The quality of schools and educational facilities will improve

Disparities and equity

  • Income and racial disparities will be reduced or eliminated.
  • Economic and geographic divides will cease to exist.
  • An inclusive environment will be strengthened with increased multi-cultural activities and services and opportunities for all people. 


  • Employment opportunities will increase for a diverse local workforce and for youth.
  • There will be increased financial stability for families to remain long-term
  • More retail stores and restaurants will open so residents spend money here on entertainment and revenue from visitors increases.

Community relations

  • Diversity in city government/leadership will increase in order to better represent communities
  • Diversity will be embraced and celebrated where people better understand and mix with different cultures.
  • Brooklyn Park will be more unified and friendly; known as a strong community where people feel more connected to each other.

Safety and crime

  • Crime and violence will be reduced, especially for youth, which will improve public perception.
  • People will feel more safe where they live and work that includes better lighting on streets.
  • Better relations will be built between police and neighborhoods, especially focusing on youth.


  • The quality, type and maintenance of housing will be improved, especially rental properties and options for seniors
  • There will be more affordable housing without decreasing property values
  • Low-income housing will be integrated into new residential developments


  • Public transit will improve, especially the light rail that connects people to jobs, opportunities, and new locations.
  • Use of cars will decrease because walking, biking, and use of buses and light rail will increase.
  • Quality of roads, sidewalks, and trails will improve.

Parks and recreation

  • More quality parks and a recreation/event center will help make Brooklyn Park a destination for residents to enjoy and for non-residents to visit.
  • More green spaces and areas with trees will be maintained
  • Park infrastructure will improve and activities such as playgrounds, sports, pools/splash pads, cultural events will be more available

What would the headlines be in the Sun Post or StarTribune?

Quality of life

  • Best place to live, work and raise a family
  • Brooklyn Park voted safest community in MN
  • BP is a place where you can raise your children and retire

Unity and diversity

  • Brooklyn Park champions mixed neighborhoods
  • Most successful diverse little big city!
  • Brooklyn Park integrates low income housing into new residential developments
  • BP Model City for Racial Equity
  • Brooklyn Park the city with economic opportunities for all
  • City Council Reflects Changing Faces of the City
  • City of BP has most POC that own businesses and lowest people living in poverty


  • Brooklyn Park has 100% graduation rate
  • #1 in the state for education
  • Most number/percentage of high school students entering college or graduating


  • Brooklyn Park welcomes another fortune 500 company to the community
  • Brooklyn Park is a destination city for sports, shopping and entertainment
  • Award winning event center unveiled in Brooklyn Park
  • Brooklyn Park destination hub drives visitors to the community
  • Rated #1 city to live in 2025 - great parks, trails, restaurants, businesses, welcoming to new residents
  • Beautiful new aquatic facility opens

Renewable energy

  • Clean Green City
  • Brooklyn Park is a Solar Energy City!


  • BP light rail drives jobs and economic development in the community
  • Light rail connects people to Brooklyn Park
  • Light rail opens, connecting people to jobs and opportunities

How people shared their input

We gathered the voices of nearly 1000 community members who live, work, learn, and play here through: 

  • 6 community cafés: invite mailed to every household in the city plus specific events for partnering organizations, community leaders, commissioners and City Council
  • 6 tables at community events like Tater Daze and Senior Forum
  • 94 mini-interviews with youth at Zanewood
  • 17 community groups meetings (civic organizations, parents groups, etc.)
  • 9 white boards at locations around the city
  • 1 online forum
  • Input from about 125 city staff

Steering committee

Steering committee members for the Brooklyn Park 2025 community vision plan

Left to right: Craig Enevoldsen, Jay Stroebel, Pa Ann, Wokie Freeman, Tony Miller, Cindy Sherman, Reva Chamblis, Kristi Corey, Chioma Onwukwe

Not pictured: Johnny Lee, Imam Dukuly, Dan Hall, Dan Ruiz, Jody Yungers, Terry Parks, Mike Trepanier, Rich Gates

Interested in volunteering?

If you are interested in volunteering long-term or would like to receive monthly email updates, contact us.

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